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If you own a business, perhaps the single most important issue affecting you is the management of your cash flow and assets. With proper documentation and oversight, you can keep there from being any surprises at tax time. The right accountant can also help you to prepare your business to weather any periods of lower activity and income.

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Accounting Services

Here at Allied Accounting & Tax Service, we offer a variety of different options to suit your needs. No matter which stage your business is in, we can help:

  • Planning: When you prepare to launch your business, it’s critical to have a plan going forward. If you know your income requirements and the costs of every service that you offer, you can avoid a lot of problems on down the line.
  • Startup: In the initial phases of operation you need to grow your customer or client base. This comes with additional costs and hazards. Did you know that it’s possible to grow too quickly? With our data collection and reports you can make the right choices at the earliest stage of your business.
  • Established Companies: Once you’ve been at it for a few years your business becomes established in the community. It’s now important to find a balance between getting new customers and maintaining your existing base. As you continue to expand you need to build up the right amount of liquid assets and to prepare for changing economic conditions.

A Comprehensive Accounting Firm

Allied employs very experienced and skilled enrolled agents. We’re accredited to represent you to the IRS and to prepare your returns. Additionally, we stay up to date on local laws so you can keep current with any tax requirements in Washington state. Our range of services is very comprehensive, and we offer various plans to suit your budget and individual needs. It’s easy to get hold of us, just pick up the phone or fill out the contact form on this site. We offer free consultations in order to get better acquainted and to present you with a plan that’s tailored to your business. Don’t leave success to chance, work with Allied Accounting & Tax Service as your accountant in Ridgefield.

In addition to accounting services we also offer bookkeeping, payroll, business consulting, and tax preparation services!