Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Whether you’re forming a business or already have, business consulting from Allied Accounting & Tax Service Inc. can benefit you immensely. Our accountants regularly provide business consulting services to local companies both small and large. These can prove especially beneficial for independent contractors and owners. Our business tax consulting covers a variety of sectors and needs.

New Business Consulting

If you’re just beginning your business, there are a variety of factors to consider. Each one of them have different ramifications for your filings and tax liabilities should anything go wrong. We’ve helped start-ups and small businesses get started on the right foot. A sole proprietorship, limited liability company, partnership, and corporation status all provide unique benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your business type, one may serve your purposes much better than another. We can even help you file your business name and type with the IRS.

Resource Allocation

Resource allocation is equally important for new and established businesses. Our business consulting can help you identify and correctly plan in order to reach your financial milestones. There are tax implications for certain expenditures, and analyzing the profit/loss potential of a new property acquisition, expansion, or large expenditure can determine if it is cost effective. We can identify the point at which these moves become profitable and when you should carry them out. Making the most of your assets is important for your business. Business consulting lets you get ahead of any problems before they occur. With our team of expert accountants working on your behalf you’ll never be caught unaware by the IRS at tax time.

Tax Consulting

Though you may have been filing taxes as an individual for years, filing taxes as a corporate entity is an entirely different experience. We can file for you, but ensuring you do everything required for the best tax return starts at the beginning of the year. Our business consulting can help guide you, ensuring the right steps are taken throughout the year. These steps pay off in the long run, allowing for increased tax breaks, incentives, and reductions.

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