IRS Continuing Education - Vancouver, WA

IRS Continuing Education

IRS Continuing Education - Vancouver, WA

At Allied Accounting & Tax Service Inc.. we believe strongly in continuing our education to provide you with the most up to date services available. That’s why our accountants are your first choice for IRS continuing education in Vancouver WA. As our resident Internal Revenue Service Continuing Education Provider, Joan McNeil has followed specified guidelines, was investigated, and approved by the IRS. A continuing education provider is an individual approved to present continuing education programs to Registered Tax Return Preparers, Enrolled Agents, Enrolled Retirement Plan Agents, and Enrolled Actuaries.

This service doesn’t just benefit those receiving the education. It means Allied Accounting & Tax Service Inc. has a staff that is held to a higher standard by both the IRS, and their personal conviction to provide the most accurate and honest Accounting and Tax Services available in Vancouver WA.

A continuing education provider must:

  1. Be an accredited educational institution;
  2. Be recognized for continuing education purposes by the licensing body of any State, territory, or possession of the United States, including a Commonwealth, or the District of Columbia;
  3. Be recognized and approved by a qualifying organization as a provider of continuing education on subject matters within §10.6(f) of Treasury Depart Circular 230; or
  4. Be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a professional organization, society, or business whose programs include offering continuing professional education opportunities in subject matters within §10.6(f).

Certificate coursework typically covers topics such as filing status, exemptions, taxpayer interviews, refund calculation and tax schedules. Classes offered may be different programs based on types of returns. Some basic courses provide training for individual taxpayers. More advanced courses may cover subjects like corporate taxes, payroll taxes, estate taxes, capital gains and retirement plans. We believe in educating yourself, so that your skills can match your confidence when preparing tax returns for the public, businesses and other entities.