IRS Tax Audit

IRS Tax Audit

IRS Tax Audit

The IRS sends intention to audit notices to business owners and individuals every single year. Though it can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. You won’t need to worry about an IRS tax audit with the experienced accountants at Allied Accounting & Tax Service Inc. on your team.

IRS Tax Auditing

The purpose of an IRS tax audit is to ensure the accuracy of your finances. Whether you are a small business or an individual filer, the purpose is the same. It doesn’t mean you are in trouble though. There are many reasons someone may be selected for an IRS audit. This includes random selection, document inconsistencies, or someone related to your business or person are being audited themselves.

Depending on the scope of the IRS tax audit the length of time between submitting information, and a ruling, may vary. Often audits are resolved without fines when inconsistencies are remedied. The best way to do this is with thorough, properly prepared documentation. That’s where we shine.

IRS Audit Preparation

As an Enrolled Agent, we can represent you before the IRS. That means we can communicate on your behalf, collecting all necessary information and submitting it to the IRS. Our preparation is flawless and easy to review. We’ll make sure all the required information is included in your tax audit response so that you get the quickest resolution possible. In addition to making a good impression, it also helps to reduce the risk of a larger audit. Information we will need includes:

  • Any electronic records – This includes bank and credit card statements containing relevant information.
  • Bank records – Keep monthly bank statements you receive. Auditors often ask for them.
  • Financial records – These must be printed. We will compile your statements into an easy to follow, chronological narrative.
  • Receipts – Any business receipts for expenses should be notated. This notation should explain and justify the expense. These include office supply receipts, dinner receipts, and other related expense.
  • Auto Mileage – If business miles are counted, record them in a journal or auto mileage diary. An auditor my require this.

We’ll keep you fully informed during the process, and can even have IRS related mail sent directly to our office. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks, and that all notifications and requests for information are received and responded to.

Don’t let an IRS audit scare you into inaction, call Allied Accounting (360) 213-1040 or Contact Us today for professional IRS tax audit help.

In addition to our IRS tax audit services we also offer payroll, bookkeeping, accountant, and tax preparation services!