Tax School Vancouver WA

All new, All-Different 1040 Tax Education series for 2018 Tax Preparation. Be ready, informed and expert.

Class educator: Joan McNeil, EA (IRSCE Education Provider #T7D54)
Classroom location: 7510 NE Vancouver Mall Dr #200, Vancouver, WA 98662
Contact Us at: 360-213-1040. [email protected]


  • Update 2019 4CPE
  • 7 Schedules 2CPE
  • S Corporations 4CPE
  • QBI deduction 2CPE
  • Schedule C 3CPE
  • Partnerships 3CPE
  • Schedule E 3CPE
  • Schedule F 3CPE

$216.00 for the entire course or pay for the CPE hours you want @ $9.00 per credit hour.

This line up is subject to change. Bring your own snacks, beverages provided.

Monday 10-8-18

UPDATE for 2019 Tax Season (5PM – 9PM) 4 Bring the attendee up to current with the new TCJA action for 2018 – 2025.

Tuesday 10-9-18

Seven New schedules for 2018-2025 (5PM – 7PM) 2 There is a new short 1040 but there are 7 new schedules that expand that 1040, lets review them and their contents.

Wednesday 10-10-18

S Corporations – 5PM – 9PM) 4 This is a very popular entity in our society, and so often miss understood or entered into for incorrect reasons. Let’s explore what the entity accomplishes for the shareholders.

Thursday 10-11-18

Qualified Business Income Deduction (5 PM – 7 PM) 2 The new tax credit for those business that qualify. There are so many reasons that a business will not qualify, so we will attempt to understand this new tax law as best we can for this time and date.

Monday 10-15-18

Schedule C Small Business, QJV, Entity Select (5 PM – 8 PM) 3 This is where America lives : the self-employed schedule C, never hurts to bring ourself up to date on this schedule.

Tuesday 10-16-18

Partnerships (5PM – 8 PM) 3 Easy to establish, not so easy to disband. We will look at the purposes of partnerships and their length of existence, who can be a partner, and how it operates.

Wednesday 10-17-18

Schedule E Rents, Royalties, Pass through (5 PM – 8 PM) 3 Rents, Royalties and the pass through, page 2, that are very important.

Thursday 10-18-18

Schedule F is for Farming (5 PM – 8 PM) 3 Farmers we have a lot of ground to cover in this class. We will look at Hobby loss rules and all sorts of types of farming.